We provide the space to cultivate their own enterprises and unwavering assistance for achieving their own success.

dedicated to empowering Beauty Professionals

Our Mission

Our ultimate objective is to amplify their success and empower them to take full control of their destiny. This entails granting them autonomy over their schedules, clients and income, while we provide support and guidance throughout their journey.

The foundation of Salon Hudson Suites is our suite owners

Why we are here

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In addition to providing stellar services and experiences for guests, Owner and Stylist Cathy's goal has always been to empower her team to design their own career path and create a lifestyle for their families. At Salon Hudson Suites, Cathy provides the space and the opportunity for salon professionals to develop their own businesses.

Each suite owner is free to design a career that suits their ideal lifestyle and to follow their own personal vision.


Welcome to Salon Hudson Suites

Meet the Founder

“I love the flexibility of this industry and the fact that you can go in any creative direction that speaks to you.”

Family and friends began seeking out Cathy to style their hair in middle school sparking a life-long passion! Along with her kids, they continue to influence her business and inspire her creativity. Cathy is also inspired by her desire to create shared success and a welcoming, caring environment for both her guests and team.

Cathy is a family-focused, community-oriented, and creative-minded entrepreneur. She loves her craft and has owned Salon Hudson Suites (formerly Salon Hudson Spa) since 2001. Now, with nearly four decades of experience, Cathy is an expert in self-care.

Cathy takes great pride in keeping her skills up-to-date and her creative tools sharp in the ever-changing personal care world. In addition to her years of experience, Cathy is a life-long-learner who has also gained vast industry knowledge through hair shows, in-salon classes, as well as on-line programs.

Cathy’s creativity doesn’t stop at color and cutting. She loves photography, music, and is constantly experimenting with new instruments that inspire her—currently, the drum kit is her muse! Active in sports since youth, Cathy now combines her physical energy with her love of the outdoors by hiking, biking, and gardening!

Cathy is dedicated to family, frequently enjoying time with her three grown children, two ‘fur babies’, and her extended family. Equally fond of beach and city vacations, Cathy loves exploring new destinations and especially revels in her journeys. Cathy is dedicated to self-improvement—always striving to be the best she can be in every area of her life.

Career Influence & Inspiration

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